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This training is aimed at providing the skills needed to work professionally in the security industry, which is constantly in need of new resources.

The course will help develop the abilities of participants in facing typical situations in terms of security, such as inspection, decontamination of public and private spaces, etc.

Each student will confront daily with simulations and practical tests, both indoor and outdoor, to learn to face critical situations.

This profession requires a solid specific preparation; it also involves high responsibilities.

For this course, Defendium collaborates with local and International professionals with several years of experience

  • Some of the courses include
  • Regulatory framework concerning Security operators and Private Security professional
  • Duties of Security operators and Private Security professionals
  • Individual and department equipment
  • Entourage technique
  • Crowd control techniques
  • Information and inspection techniques
  • Position of individual operators and those working in-team
    Safety works techniques
  • Decontamination techniques in private and public spaces
  • Overview of the Modern equipment